Miss Malaysia Universe 2013 Finalist dari Sabah!

  Jassinta Mirasol Age : 25 Hometown : Tawau, Sabah Hobbies : Playing sports, especially basketball; travelling and experien...


Jassinta Mirasol
Age : 25
Hometown : Tawau, Sabah

Hobbies : Playing sports, especially basketball; travelling and experiencing adventures things in life. Through this pageant, Jassinta would like to inspire other women that it isn’t beauty alone on the outside that matters but also the personality that they bring together with them that will win them the pageant title.

Jassinta appreciates the various cultural backgrounds we enjoy here in Malaysia. Having studied in the field of tourism management has helped her to develop an in-depth knowledge about the various cultures and traditions here, while having friends from other backgrounds and states have given her a deep respect for each others’ beliefs, despite being different.

She garners joy from helping other people and motivates her to constantly strive towards becoming a better person. She has participated in various charitable works involving old folks, foster children, animals and the environment By helping other people, she has also learnt to appreciate life, rather than blaming others for a particular circumstance.

May Salitah Naru Kiob
Age : 24
Hometown : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Hobbies : Reading and surfing the internet

Having always been told that she was too short to represent Malaysia in a pageant at an international level, May refused to let these comments be a hindrance, but rather, drew her inspiration from Miss USA this year, who is petite herself. Nevertheless, she is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the pageant and is all set to show Malaysia what she’s made of.

May loves being part of competitions, describing herself as a very competitive person. She enjoys the thrill of competing, adding that it challenges her each time she takes part in any competition, regardless of whether she wins or not. She has previously participated in other pageants, as well as competitions related to public speaking and debating, swimming and singing in choirs.

She adds that in order to be competitive, one has to be determined, focused, and passionate in everything that one wants to achieve. May also has a unique ability to entertain other people and make them laugh by impersonating different characters. She hopes to be a TV host one day.

Source: Miss Malaysia Universe Website


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